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Techjour is proud to bring expertise, relevant experience and innovative minds of our people to help solve the challenges of tomorrow and today, Enterprise faces.

Do You Face Following Business Challenges?

+ Implementing new technology
+ Integration of Automation
+ Boost in productivity
+ Technology experience to your Customers
+ Streamline business processes
+ Data Analytics & Protection
+ Business Digital transformation
+ Technology Strategy
+ App developement and integration
+ Maintenence and Support

Drive Business Opportunity Through Innovation !!

Let Us Help You To Achieve High Performance.

Real challenge is deciding which of new technologies will work to the best interest of advancing the organization, and which are better to avoid for now.

Our proven approach is practical and effective to implement at scale, derived from our experience and human thinking principles.

Our Focus


Investment in 'Intelligence Automation' in your business, increases ROI and productivity. Let's talk about next opportunity, at which level automation is required to your business...

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI algorithms and tools, helps you to uncover information to serve your customer better. AI is used for different purposes in different verticals. Lets talk, how to adapt AI to your Enterprise.

Business Consulting

Our Consulting service assists decision makers throughout their business to take right decision, scale and grow to next level.

Blockchain Solution

Companies are eager to adopt blockchain application beyond to crypto currency and wants to leverage full potential of this technology. Blockchain applications are transparent, secure and safe. We offer Consulting + Solutions + Strategy in Healthcare, BFSI, Transport, Media and Supply Chain verticals.

Cloud Solution

Our SMAC Solution reduces business operating cost, gives security to data and flexibitliy to focus more on your business. It meets immediate on-demand business need, in fast moving digital world.

Data & Analytics

Our solution enables your data into actionable insights for great customer experience. Schedule one-to-one meeting with our Expert.

DevOps Solution

Our DevOps Consulting and Solution enables your team to optimize productivity, prevent defects, and create consistency, having its nature of agility.

IoT Solution

IoT platform encourages you to connect devices and people with your business, collaborate with them and take business at next level. Customer can access always, anywhere and anytime.

Wearable Technology

Wearable applications are used for different purposes in different verticals. Enterprise wearbale applications are in trends to beneficiaries.

CXOs are busy in building their businesses. We have our set of solutions to offer, your company is.

If you have a business in following range in revenue, Let's talk.

< 1M

1 - 10 M

10 - 25 M

25 - 50 M

50 - 99 M