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Technology plays an important role to change lives of human. It promises to reinnovate models, improve services and community engagements if Non-Profit-Organization adapts it effectively. We integrate technology in their core services to reshape their programs for delivering beneficiaries, collaborate with them to execute programs to scale it.

What Challenges, Your Organization Face?

+ Sustainability
+ Right Technology Implementation
+ Fund Raising
+ Donation
+ Brand
+ Strategy for managing donors
+ Optimise Process

Change the World through Technology and Collaboration !

Connect. Collaborate. Raise.

Techjour has experience to provide solution since 2014 to few Kenyan Non Profit Organizations to reach their goal.

How We Helped Them:

+ Win to time by implementing right technology
+ Developed website and mobile apps
+ Advisory for marketing tools, so they can promote Organization
+ Support to their technology division
+ Access to our Partner Network and Client base

Technology explores possibilities to utilise it right way, while we are committed to suggest best relevant solutions among them.

Our Offering

Automation tool

We empower NGOs by Automation and transparancy to deliver their objectives to donars and beneficiaries.


There is no specific single solution of complex challenges, NGOs face domestically and globally but our diverse Client base and Network Partners are ready to assist to meet today's problems and tomorrow's expectations.


Right technology creates positive impact to donars, connects on single platform to beneficiaries without boundaries. Our solution ensures to reduce operative cost and lead faster without compromising on the organisation’s key objectives.


Services improves efficiency, reduces administration costs and enhances transparency.

Our professional services wing was born from an understanding of client needs and a drive to accomplish desired customer outcomes.

By Which channel, your Organization raise fund?

Through Projects


Crowdfunding sites

Social Media