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Life Science industry is being reinvented, shifting to new paradigam and focusing on People, Process, Automation and Technology.

Our Solution Enables You To:

+ Achieve Real-time visibility and traceability of data
+ Fast Production capacity
+ Accelerate time-to-market
+ Automate your Process
+ Reduce repetitive of tasks
+ Transform business to digital edge
+ Discover upcoming technologies and opportunities

We Are Not Perfect, But We Do Better Way !

Unlock Patient Value!

Changes in life sciences are driving a better quality of life for Patient.

Sub-Verticals We Work With:

+ Healthcare
+ Care Providers
+ Payers
+ Pharmaceutical
+ Biotechnology
+ Biomedical
+ Agri Business
+ Cosmeceuticals
+ Food Processing
+ Life Science Processing Firms
+ Genetics
+ Veterinary
+ Physiotherapy

Our Agile development approach automates your complex tasks, analyse structure and non structured data and improves the quality of results.

Your Next...

Cloud Solution

Our team architect, configure your Cloud host, balance them in heavier traffic and gives seamless experience to Users.

Digital Transformation

Organization must change their approach to data driven, comes from massive volumes of unstructured data, to embrace proven solutions. Techjour's role comes here to provide them right data solution and strategy to transform business.

Marketing and Sales

Techjour offers mix of traditional and digital sales services, strategy and promotional activity aligned with their business goal. Sometimes, it gives them to new market opportunity.


Previous technology based model will not help Enterprises for long run. technology driven model scales and optimise their business. Hence, we offer end to end technology solutions.

AI in Life Science

Opportunities for AI in life science seems unlimited, but how AI is implemented right way, is important factor to your success.

Blockchain in Life Science

Blockchain technology makes an impact in pharmaceuitical, drug safety, digital ledger in financial transactions. Our team helps to develop direct or process oriented applications.

We would like to assist you to grow your business. Help us to reach you by answering following query.

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